Oops! 15 Crucial Items Missing from Your Car Emergency Kit

When disaster strikes, your vehicle can be your lifeline. Having a well-prepared vehicle kit can make the difference between being stranded and getting to safety. However, even the most seasoned preppers can miss crucial items. Take a look at these things many people – including seasoned preppers – overlook when it comes to vehicular preparedness.

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1. Non-Perishable Food

Many people forget to pack non-perishable food in their vehicle kits. Include energy bars, dried fruits, and nuts, which can provide crucial energy and nutrition if you’re stuck or stranded for a prolonged period.

2. Water Purification Tools

While it’s common to pack bottled water, many overlook the inclusion of water purification tablets or a small filter. These tools are vital if you run out of water and need to source more from the environment.

3. Spare Prescription Medications

If you rely on prescription medications, having a spare supply in your vehicle is essential. This is often overlooked but can be life-saving if you’re away from home longer than expected. Just be aware that some meds need to remain within a certain temperature, so you’d need a temperature-controlled pouch or container to keep them in.

4. Pet Supplies

For those with pets, forgetting to include food, water, and comfort items for your furry friends is a common oversight. Also, keep a leash and a portable bowl in your kit.

5. Updated Maps

Relying on digital GPS systems can be risky if power or network service is unavailable. An updated physical map is crucial and often forgotten.

6. Emergency Contact List

In the age of smartphones, few remember phone numbers by heart. An emergency contact list with important numbers written down is critical if your phone dies or is lost.

7. Cash

In emergencies, ATMs and credit card machines may not work. Keeping cash in small denominations can be a lifesaver when electronic payment options are offline.

8. Multi-Tool

While many kits include basic tools, a sturdy multi-tool is often overlooked. It combines several functions in one compact device, saving space and providing versatility.

9. Blankets and Warm Clothing

Even in warmer climates, temperatures can drop at night. Extra blankets and a change of warm clothing are essential yet frequently forgotten.

10. Flashlight and Extra Batteries

People often remember the flashlight but forget extra batteries. Always check that your flashlight works and pack additional batteries or a hand-crank flashlight.

11. Fire Extinguisher

A small fire extinguisher should be a standard item in your kit, but many overlook it. It can be crucial for dealing with small fires before they spread.

12. Tire Repair Kit

A spare tire is standard, but a tire repair kit with sealant and a tire inflator can get you moving quicker and is often missing in preparedness kits.

13. Duct Tape

The versatility of duct tape makes it invaluable in a crisis, yet it’s often not included. It can be used for temporary repairs on everything from leaking hoses to broken windows.

14. Sanitation Supplies

Sanitation is critical, yet many forget to pack moist towelettes, garbage bags, and hand sanitizer, which can help maintain hygiene and prevent illness.

15. Signal Flare or Emergency Beacon

In remote areas, being visible to rescuers is vital. A signal flare or an emergency beacon can attract attention and is frequently not included in kits.

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